Written By: Erez EGMAZ

May your wishes always come true beautiful people

Millions of mortals walked the lands you stepped under the roads you passed.

Each of them has a life in that land, remember that the value of the land is as important as the value of the water.

What did you do, people, God sent you to make this world beautiful from your existence and to enter your existence peacefully.

The greatest of promises for him is the next great post-war peace. The wicked will perish.

May your path be peace, may your path be enlightened with peace so that you may know the meaning of Peace.

When the wind stops and life ends, you will understand that it is not the end, but the ending.

The pain of life for what we want gives us what we can give to the lucky ones today.

If you try to understand what makes life valuable with those who do not understand you, no one will understand you and you will leave when the time comes.

Success isn't when you make thousands of cuts. It is for you to be a beacon of hope in your understanding of life.

A word that caresses the heart while singing comes to its melody.

When one person says a word and the other person understands you, do not let the greatness of the meaning make you superior to another, your superiority is to ensure the equality of people.

Even if someone wants you to be someone else, you should dream what you want, not what you want, even if it's in your imagination, and live as if it's real, even if it doesn't come true.

Even if my truth leads me to the razor, I will be one of those who say to give the wealth that someone else will offer me with my own hand and distribute it to someone else.

Because when the time comes, I will do what I feel and miss in my soul.

Dear ones, may God give you the best and even if you are wrong, wrong is an action in the existence of every human being and the answer is right.

May the truth add beauty to your soul as much as the clarity of the water in your remaining life.

Let it illuminate you as the clarity of the water and you see as beautiful as the transparency of the clear water.

Beautiful eyes always see others beautiful, but don't let every beautiful thing you see be a reflection of what you call someone else.

Let your beliefs illuminate your path in the light of information that has proven value and reality, apart from what you see.

The light comes from the heavens, the light illuminates your world and carries your knowledge horizons into the future.

Led horizon, in the most beautiful corner of the day, will find your solitude when the day comes next to the Supreme Creator.

Believe me, it will testify to the fact that the lamb will become a sheep when it grows up.

Believe that a brother will be a lesson in your life by remembering what he has done to you, for better or worse, and that lesson will prove you are mortal and testify to your seeing the truth.

Witness, the servant says to be a witness, the servant says to my Lord Because first of all, when you testify, the Lord pays attention to the words you say to witness where you will go in the hereafter, even if it is not. In this world.

If a fish has no mind, how can it find food and its mind tries to find food? An elephant's mind, if it has a soul, does not forget without forgetting who hurt it.

The mind not only reveals information, but also allows living things to survive, communicate and avoid evil.

If a seal escapes the beluga whale that will feed it, it has a chance.

If the problems of the world remained in the world, the end would not be long, the end would be short, and all living and non-living beings would perish.

Words are not the multiplicity of words, but neither the multiplicity of words nor the presence of man is what makes man human.

If he were an infallible servant, he would be no different from an animal living in a full world.

Beloved Ones, I tell you this in five points because you did not understand what was said before.

1- Remove the invisible side of the stone, not the visible side, there is soil under it and that soil is your blessing. If you work, it will give you gold, if you don't, it will give you nothing but hot sand.

2-There are no foreign people, the Lord made all people one thing, let people love people so that peace can come to the world.

3- They used to say to your neighbor, that your good deeds may cross the continents so that today's world may be ruled in unity, happiness and peace.

4- What did you see? While I love my country and someone else loves theirs, why would you defeat the enemy on the battlefield if their problems are first on the table and then the enemy is resisting?

5- Remember that there are different races, blood colors and cultures in the world who believe in different religions, but do not forget that the God who created them is the God you pray to and maintain your faith in.

My Lord is the creator of the entire universe and all the people he created.

You can put out the fire, but if there is firewood, the fire will burn again.

You can consume the water, but if the water falls from the sky again, you will never be able to overcome it.

Would the Supreme Lord still make you worthy if it was not clear that the hard days would pass?

Look at the values ​​that make people human.

The one who makes the laws knows that he is a part of the order in terms of administration, but do not forget that if there is a mistake in the order, do not be silent because the order is given in this world to protect people and to offer blessings to everyone. to the beauties of the human spirit of the world. Some say that if the blessing of this world is a lie, do not eat, do not drink, do not take advantage of the blessings. But the thing is, do not waste the blessing while using it, distribute it equally.

The prophets declared that sin is a sin, but that sin is a sin, but the punishment to be placed on one's neck and the righteousness you will go to when you close your eyes, and your reward will end as a result.

O humanity, first establish justice in this world, and the rest will be the supreme being who will provide justice in the next world.

You know that your effort is in the creator of the heavens who will save you, the goodness of the gift of existence, the piece of bush that a bird brings to the nest in its beak, the place where the woman lays eggs. Don't bring a living thing to life.

You know, no matter how hard you try to destroy the wind, you can never destroy the wind because your power is not enough to destroy divine phenomena.

The Prophet Muhammad said that you will find your strength in those who disbelieve, believe, testify and prove that the idol is of no value and will reach the polytheists.

Idols have been destroyed but taboos have been broken today?

It's a pity, a pity, no one could see the explanations and the truth of what you did, and now they say forgive us Almighty Lord, of course they will say it and what they say is true, but who is the secret? deep meaning of their words?

Although this fifth of the five elements is long, the correctness of the sentences does not pass over mountains and approaching countries, is hidden in the virtue of straightening and reuniting people at the end of the road, and is man himself. will make this hidden treasure a treasure.

No matter who I am, I am small, I am always small, the important thing is that you, valuable people, say nice words like me or me, who speak the meaning from the heart.

Hearts full of meaning embrace heaven.

I have a miracle, I regret to say that I wish he could divide the mountain and unite the seas, but my miracle is not the way he understands me, but the fact that he gives me his due, even if it is only one person . happiness.

The more I give, the greater the happiness, and remember that soon I will have a miracle for myself, neither money, nor fame, nor glory, nor undeserved abundance, whatever I deserve, it will not be the greatest miracle given to me.

Otherwise, the moment I leave this world, my being will return to me where it is needed, as a miracle of my self-love and my own love.

Beloved Ones, be happy, find peace, and never forget that peace comes as a result of what you do.

The one who deserves will be the one who walks the path of true love.

greetings and good luck

Erez Eğilmez

University of Cambridge

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