Mistakes and humanity
Ağustos 10, 2021
Mistakes and humanity

He wanted to go beyond science and tested himself with the equality of the supreme creator.

Finally, he looked at the sky and could not see himself where he wanted to see himself.

He understood that far from going beyond science, he saw that they were the ones who delirious learning and scattering what they know around them, but also slandering those who are not themselves.

He also learned that personality, consciousness and sense of learning cannot be prevented.

What was there to do now, the other watching and silent side:

But those who develop themselves so much, value science and their own structure and continue on their way, who will be the winner when the time comes.

One also understood that being smart and agile in narration will put obstacles in the way of others with self-confidence, but when the time comes, bright tomorrows will be valued.

A human being will again understand the structural feature of being human in the light of science that time will take him to the other side.

Do you have emotion?

It must be understood that man was not created from an emotionless species.

He understood that the physiological structure of the human being is different from the structure of a machine or an unproduced being.

At that time, the desire to develop personality, progress and leap forward, and when learning was insufficient for him, man wanted to change his own structural shell and jump in size, the change beyond the same ages, to be called an advanced adjective.

Here, the part he wanted is not yet clear, but in the near future, the person who will understand that it evokes these will also change his shell and show his understanding of the social individual and the feature of being integrated with the world societies.

There are still millions of people in the world who will accept learning or whether they will adapt to change.

The similarity between the Earth's core structure and the metabolism of the human brain reveals the ability of even opposite poles to hold together.

This feature will help the perfect functioning of the universe and the communication with other living beings in the galaxy to use the communication system in the perception layers of the human brain as a means of communication in the near future
All this is part of a formation and there will be people who will try to use the evil tool of every age that will try to destroy this formation.

As I have said from time to time, when evil comes, good will always come to help the human race to continue.

Respected people, you will help this world to return to the world naturally, by being respectful to your own species and other species, as well as the use of your feelings, as in the philosophy of creation.

You have irresponsibly used this to satisfy your own egos, and our world has come to a complex solution-seeking situation that it is in today.

The damaged world rotates around its axis, but it is not the old world, it was not the old world in all times of time, but the human race has damaged nature and other living things by oversupplying its basic needs and supplies.

As a result of this, the ecological order has deteriorated as well as the systematic climate changes have reached an irreversible point on 10 -08-2021, when I am writing this article. In the report submitted to the United Nations in the past days, we will witness the great drought that will occur 3 years later and the complete disappearance of the waters in some regions, just as the world has been dragged into the same abyss to the point of no return.

These will be the biggest factor in the great chaos that will start the water wars instead of oil wars among people.

The drought in the soil layer will trigger the rupture of earthquake fault lines on the world with the striking blow that will cause the breakage of a vase.

The share of responsibility in all of this, of course, is due to the satisfaction of the egos of human beings, which I have mentioned above, and the existence of inconsistent administrative features in the world, which are made wrong.

In the industrial revolution, the big giants of the global economy, instead of their own resources, caused great damage to the atmosphere of the world when they released the dirty wastes in the industrial projects they made for their own country in other lands.

And forest fires, which are also caused by the effect of heat, provide the breathing world with shortness of breath, just like in human beings.

This will reveal that we are witnessing a new climate crisis that awaits us in the future.

I have always said that what needs to be done will be to use the universal feature of the whole world to make the world leaders sign the salvation of the world with a new formation.

Do not forget that progress will be achieved by the coexistence of people who use their brain features well.

With Respect With Love

Erez Eğilmez
Christian Van Der H. Russell Han Joe Biden President Joe Biden

Vladimir Kuznetsov

Henry Kanaka Rajh Vice President Kamala Harris .



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