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I have published many articles and articles on Facebook and Instagram about the foresight and the new world order months ago.
Since the progress of the global world and time will be manifested in a different environment, I have been writing for 2 years about the spiritual and innovations that will make life different for the babies of the people who will come to the world 60 years later, a life that we do not know but that is very different from what we can predict.
In the new world, the new generation who has sworn on the sanctity of all religions will continue to exist.
The different institutional method of the United Nations and the incredible science of technology will not depend on different numerical qualities from today, but change the human intelligence only to ensure peace and destroy the bad ones, if necessary, the peace that will occur after the great war will be unprecedentedly long, and that the Spirit mentioned in a heavenly religion will dominate the world. Peace, love, respect, economic balance, the real reasons that lie in the reason for people's coming to the world, different from the current situation, the emphasis on the world and the new construction in space, colonization, carrying life out of the world and 200 years later with a completely new understanding of galaxy management. It will be accepted that the people to live in must have a home.
The time of acceptance of man and the fact that the past is still controversial, scientific or unconscious evidence, or the evolution that is wanted to be explained in a spiritual sense, will allow us to see all the known and unknown of the world, proven or proven, very soon.
There are many superpowers all over the world.
Some superpowers are superpower countries that govern their people and citizens with a superior understanding of justice in an order established under the concept of real application of all elements on people, not internal in the sense of freedom, with intelligence, employment, security, life assurance , economic size, military sense, nuclear structure.
The other superpowers are the countries that are big countries and transform nuclear energy into nuclear power, not with political freedom, but with armament in different national forms of government in their own countries.
Today, People's Republic of China, Russia, North Korea, Russian Federation, they exist in the world in the formation of different superpowers. we can perceive it as unity movements that sign the element of unity in defense and disasters.
Although Japan came to the fore in terms of technology after the second world war, it is a humanoid artificial intelligence with a full-feeling feature, if not on the full count rule that will serve humanity with artificial intelligence, which it will announce 19 years later.
Apart from all this, let's get to our topic.
The United States of America, which is known as the land of Freedoms on the world and first in the leadership ranking in the space race with the most advanced technology with NASA Earth, scientific participation in the nuclear sense and the Space age.
If the light is lit with a torch, the rest will carry the light to the depths of space, and the country will continue to live as an understanding that keeps the developing socio-economic and human emotions at the top of the level of freedom.
As you know, the Kovid-19 disease, which affected the world's lifestyle two years ago and was hypothesized to lead to the upcoming new order, but will soon be revealed by all realistic facts.
A different matter beyond reason and science.
Yes, our old world was tired and it's like a time jump by opening a new gateway to history with people's understanding of themselves and providing a way forward for them in functional issues that will keep up with the visually and intellectually.
Dear people, beautiful people who believe in the holy spirit, have a clean heart, but have tasted sin in their lives, nature gave, you took, nature gave again as you took, when the moment was not enough, there should be more in the human soul and the emergence of feelings of revenge and competition
accelerating race has made humanity what you see if you have a mind.
The situation is written on a map on the big table in front of you, countries, people, living beings, different human structures with different characteristics.
The order of the world with their functioning and proportional features.
Chosen people to help this order.
Dear people, our structure of being is the same, but as we all know, people who are different in their brain perception structures. We are human beings on earth who have been created differently in speech comprehension, mating and even sexual nature.
Evaluation of my situation, human level, the main purpose is to shape the new structure of the future that will be established here.
I wrote a long letter and presented you with real ideas as a pattern from 2 years ago.
Today, the biggest problem of the world is in front of us. Although my question is the possibility of a high war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the main issue is to shape the new world, everyone who sees the future here should know that
Our world does not want an environment that will make radical decisions in the future in the new order, go beyond human values ​​and lead the world into error.
The aim in the new world is to restore the balance of the dictator superpower giants on Earth, or to destroy the rulers of such countries and provide the necessary order to the world.
As it is known between the Super Power States in the last century, the two states were always in a race, the nuclear power structure.
Now the President of the Russian Federation, Putin, has upset this balance of power because he wants to rule the world by opening up both Eastern Europe, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, with an invasive attitude like the Hitler philosophy before the second world war , which will put world peace in a dangerous situation.
I remember the day when the Russian Leader was asked last year that he said it is difficult for artificial intelligence to rule the world, but his non-AI intelligence management, not artificial intelligence, is unfortunately not enough to manage this world and maintain peace.
President of the United States of America Mr. President Joe Biden and Vice President Mrs. Kamala Harris Kamala Harris did not deploy hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the borders of their own country, but did not covet military shipments to another country and the territory of another country.
As a conclusion, the United States of America, which is a great nuclear power, does not threaten world peace and the future today, and it has no eyes on any country other than its own country.
The Russian leader who wants to do this is Vladimir Putin.
Putin is a leader who has emerged as the biggest threat to the European Union and the world, especially the countries that are members of Allied NATO.

It will never cease to occupy Ukraine.
Even if there is an agreement, he should sign an agreement that will have to withdraw all his troops from the Ukraine border, and it should be ensured that he does not show power to another country other than his own territory within the agreement, even the occupation, which is the subject of every purpose.

In addition, the Russian Leader is not in the lead with the real election in his own country, and the people who have 70 percent voting rights in his country, whose citizens live in an empire of fear, want Putin.
Russian dictator Putin must go.
Although Russia is a culturally and structurally developed modern country,
The administration and nuclear power are now in a position to abuse them.
Maybe it’s not right to say maybe time is the time, it’s time to destroy the bad ones and as I mentioned in this article, you will experience the happiness of putting the future in the hands of the good ones.
Dear people, if there will be a great war, it is to build the future together with valuable leaders and thinkers who will rebuild this future from its ashes and destroy the evil.
Mr. President of the United States of America Joe Biden and his team will write you in history with Golden Letters because no one would have guessed that you should stand upright against Russia, which is a superpower but does its best to misuse its superpower character, and to realize the future of liberating the new world once again. .
Ukraine is currently the flagship of the crisis
is the United States of America.
And this pioneering understanding will make you a great leader.
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You should understand this situation well.
To make the green and blue planet live happily with new wishes for future intellectuals to breathe clean air into the world.
Dear people of the world:
Never forget that if you make the unskilled skilled
The world is plunged into unimaginable darkness.
Be aware of all impending dangers.
Best regards President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris
Erez Eğilmez


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